Being optimistic 

about the future,

believe in success,

AND hoping to leave the world a better place.


This is me

I'm an individual, who worked in lots of leadership positions, led a team with a diverse environment and different sizes, studied different majors and a very number-oriented person. Is seeking a challenging position to contribute in developing the quality of the processes and smooth business operations where I can develop, achieve and contribute in the success.

Market Research  Business Development
Product Marketing 

 Digital Marketing Financial Projection

Product Development    Planning & Analysis 

Customer Relationship Management

I believe that we all have our own purpose, and to that we seek.

Life is full of challenges and different issues, and I believe that with hard work and self-dicipline, we can hit out life goals.


I am so in love with reading, studying & moving forward. As I also believe that efforts will be rewarded, no matter the delays are, we are all here searching for our purpose and we as a team will achieve more.

Being an optimist, I am always open towards possibilities. I believe in actions and hard work to make things actually happen. Even if things turn out bad after giving a lot of efforts and hard work I do not blame others but works harder next time. Due to which I have a faith in the future. I consider failures as a temporary setback. 



Here is some of the milestones I have put my foot and learned a lot from.


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