• Ahmed Medhat

Life in the Age of Corona

China economic penetration has going deep and deep, the level of exports is rising and it seems like the end of the world will be also Made in China.

Suddenly all life activities has stopped, where all aspects of life are frozen till further notice.

It's hard for us all as by default social distancing is unnatural for many people. I believe that social distancing won't be for a week or two, but it will somehow affect our behavior in the upcoming few years. This generation in the Arabian nations was exposed to lots of different events that affected our way of thinking toward different cases.

In case of Corona, as we all see from the media is that to stop it we need to almost change everything and every habit, from how we work, doing sport, socialize, shop, education, and others as well. How!!

How we work:

Most companies have taken an action either to fully close or to apply a working from home concept to most of the employees in different departments. And the problem is that not all department can work and perform well under the umbrella of this concept. Also there are some other reasons that make working from home not efficient enough especially for a low level of individualism as our society like

  • It is very hard to communicate well with our colleagues.

  • The idea of never leaving the house, where we work is where we live.

  • It promote loneliness.

  • Very uncontrollable from a managerial level.

How we exercise:

With high level of health cautions the working out has been part our normal days, The fitness industry has shown a high level of growth in the past few years and that reflects the potentiality and how the adults are well-understand of the health and fitness overall.

In the age of Corona, all fitness clubs closed their doors, however some of them have taken good initiatives in presenting home type training and cross fit work outs.

How we shop:

Despite of the online shopping growth from the total internet population, however the window shopping still has number one priority for most of the people. However, in such a crisis and a home quarantine, the online shopping is one of the ways to get what we need and also to satisfy the shopping addiction for some of us.

How we learn:

By the mid of March the government has decided to close all schools and universities till further notice, the online learning (e-learning) has become the only channel of education and everything is going digital. And for some reasons online learning is more effective than others as a result of:

  • Students learn more because of the video-graphics and all other visual presenting tools.

  • Higher level of retention as it fit exactly the time schedule of the student.

  • It requests less time where in traditional the lost time in the transportation, socializing and between courses does not add a direct value to the learning processes.

Life is changing, and it will continue to...

I believe the impact of the Corona on our daily habits will change some of our routines and the digital transformation for all life aspects will become deeper and deeper and the economic shape will be rabidly change by the end of this age.

Life will not be the same....

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