• Ahmed Medhat

Optimism Production Line

Hard time come to us with a different shape but at the end it affects us all, the way we see it is what makes us different and what differentiate the optimistic person from other.

It the following few steps, we will discuss together how optimism is created and how to own your factory of optimism

1. Focus on your own success

It is important to be ambition and to continuously push yourself toward hitting targets and see the good in others, but the problem is most people when it comes to their own successes, they play them down or ignore them totally. To be more positive and optimistic about yourself, we need to embrace what we have and reward ourselves even for small things as we won’t be able to continue without some small pushes.

2. Pay attention to the positives

We need to be aware that what makes us happy or unhappy is not the event itself, but it the way we see it. Focus of positive things is a critical ingredient optimism as a product. By focusing on the positives, we see the good in things and event, that does not mean that in a bad event (death of someone close, losing work, illness…) we need to be crazy optimistic and happy. Sometimes we need to give our self the time to absorb the bad event and bear in mind that time heals. It really does.

3. Diversify your optimism suppliers

In life the optimism sources vary a lot, as lots of things can push you toward either being optimistic or pessimistic. It can be your friends, partner, colleagues, books, YouTube channels you follow, social media or any other sources.

Just choose what is around you, as seriously what around you really influence your life deeply.

4. Push negative out of your life

Same as there is optimism supplier, the same type of suppliers can add negative thoughts into your mind that boost friction in your optimism machines. Some of your friends either on social media or the one you meet daily are pushes you toward pessimistic and add obstacles in the production line.

You need to identify these sources and start kicking them out of your life, as there is no place for them in your factory to ensure a good final product.

5. Focus on solution rather than the problem

Pessimists tend to focus on problems while optimists look for solutions. While on the other hand as an optimism ambassador, you need to act unlike them. We the optimists focus on solution not on the problem. As sometimes the situation may not feel great and it may not seem fair, but what has happened has happened whether you like it or not. Rather than reflecting on what could have been, let go of regrets and negative thoughts, get proactive and start planning where you can go from here.

6. Help others

Helping others benefits you in a way you did not imagine, as helping others lead to a better inner peace and the feel of value that you add to others moves something deep inside you.

For example, helping your work colleague to boost their performance benefit you back as

- Improve communication between you and them

- Boost the team spirit

- It will come back at some point

- Develop leadership skills

- Doing good to your physical and mental health.

At the end of the day, the production line of optimism has lots of process and activities and differ from one person to another, but I believe in the power of optimism and that it helps us be better and help us creating better surroundings and be happy.

So, stay optimistic and stay happy.

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